Operations Research

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Unit I: 

Introduction, objective of OR, scope of OR. General L.P.P. : Formulation of the problem- Graphical method for the solution of the L.P.P. Simplex Method, Big M method and two phase Method. Duality in L.P.P.

Unit II: 

Transportation problem : Optimality test. Degeneracy in transportation problem. Unbalanced transportation problems. Assignment problems.


Unit III: 

Theory of Games: Introduction – Description and characteristics of game theory –Two person zero sum game- solution of mixed strategy problems–principle of dominance. Solution of mix game by Linear programming method.

Unit IV: 

Inventory control : Introduction , EOQ models with and without shortages , Quantity Discounts(With 1 & 2 price Break).

Unit V: 

Queuing theory: Definition, Pure birth model, Pure Death model, single server Model with finite and infinite capacity.

Essential Readings: 
  1. Problems in O.R.    Kanti Swaroop, Gupta P.K. and Manmohan , Sultan Chand and sons ,
  2. Operations Research , H.A.Taha , Macmillan  Publishing Company , New York.
  3. Operations Research , Sharma & Jain, Students friends & Co.
  4. Operations research, S.D. Sharma, Kedarnath & Ramnath Co., Meerut
  1. Linear Programming , Gauss S.I., MaGraw Hills Book Company.
  2. Problems in O.R.   Gupta P.K. and Hira D.S., S.Chand and Co.
  3. Operations Research, Hilter & Liberman.
  4. Mathematical Programming, Manmohan Gupta.





Note: Non Programmable scientific calculator up to 100 MS is permitted.