Programme Learning Outcomes: 
The completion of the B.Sc. (Mathematics) Programme will enable a student to: 
PLO1. Communicate mathematics effectively by written, computational and graphic means. 
PLO2. Create mathematical ideas from basic axioms. 
PLO3. Formulate the hypothesis, theories, techniques and proofs provisionally. 
PLO4. Utilize mathematics to solve theoretical and applied problems by critical          understanding, analysis and synthesis.
PLO5. Identify applications of mathematics in other disciplines and in the real-world, leading to enhancement of career prospects in a plethora of fields and research. 
PLO6. Formulate and develop mathematical arguments in a logical manner.
PLO7. Acquire good knowledge and understanding in advanced areas of mathematics.
PLO8. Formulate and use quantitative models arising in social science, business and other contexts. 
PLO9. Develop problem modelling and problem solving skills.
PLO10. Impart comprehensive knowledge and understanding of theoretical fundamentals in operational research.
PLO11. Develop mathematical problem-solving skills for certain types of real-world problems and their variants in a variety of mathematical contexts.
PLO12. Provide hands-on training to the students in the form of practical work to address some significant issues faced by industries.