Program learning outcomes (PLOs):
Upon completion of the M.Sc. Mathematics program, majors will be able to:
PLO1. Communicate mathematical ideas effectively, in writing as well as orally. Have sound knowledge of mathematical modeling, programming and computational techniques as required for employment in industry 
PLO2. Read, analyze, and write logical arguments to prove mathematical concepts.
PLO3. Be able to apply mathematical skills and logical reasoning for problem solving.  
PLO4. Perform research in conjunction with others as well as individually.
PLO5. Inculcate critical thinking to carry out scientific investigation objectively without being biased with preconceived notions. 
PLO6. Communicate mathematical ideas with clarity and coherence, both written and verbally.
PLO7. Prepare students for pursuing research or careers in industry in mathematical sciences and allied fields.
PLO8. Imbibe effective scientific and/or technical communication in both oral and writing. 
PLO9. Continue to acquire relevant knowledge and skills appropriate to professional activities and demonstrate highest standards of ethical issues in mathematical sciences.
PLO10. Create awareness to become an enlightened citizen with commitment to deliver one’s responsibilities within the scope of bestowed rights and privileges.
PLO11. Nurture problem solving skills, thinking, creativity through assignments, project work.  
PLO12. Prepare and motivate students for research studies in mathematics and related fields. 
PLO13. Provide knowledge of a wide range of mathematical techniques and application of mathematical methods/tools in other scientific and engineering domains.
PLO14. Provide advanced knowledge on topics in pure mathematics, empowering the students to pursue higher degrees at reputed academic institutions. 
PLO15. Have a strong foundation in core areas of Mathematics, both pure and applied.. 
PLO16. Assist students in preparing (personal guidance, books) for competitive exams e.g. NET, GATE, etc.