Course competence on Mathematical softwares

The IIS University

Department of Mathematics

Report: Course competence on Mathematical softwares


Topic: Mathematical softwares                               Timing: 10:00-12:00 pm

Date: 24 September, 2016                                                   Venue: LAB- A

A one day training on software Mathematica was organized by the department of Mathematics. The resource person Dr. Rajni Gupta demonstrated to the students how to start work with the softwares MATHEMATICA and MATLAB. She explained in brief about the softwares MATHEMATICA and MATLAB and how both are applicable in understanding the work like plotting of 2D and 3D graphs through data listed, data manipulations, Operations in set theory, Mathematical Operations, Matrices and determinants, Recurrence relation, Jacobian matrix, solution of differential equation Linear Algebra etc. in MATHEMATICA and MATLAB . It was allowed to attend all U.G. students of the department. The total 92 students attended the session. The session was quite informative and beneficial for the students as they received new updates about new softwares.